How To Summon A Wither With No Ai

Conjuring a wither in Minecraft can prove to be a difficult endeavor, particularly for those without access to AI. Nonetheless, summoning a wither without the aid of AI remains achievable by adhering to these straightforward instructions.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To summon a wither, you will need four soul sand and three wither skeleton skulls. You can find soul sand in the Nether, while wither skeleton skulls can be obtained by killing wither skeletons.

Step 2: Create a T-Shape

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, create a T-shape on the ground using soul sand. The top of the T should be three blocks wide and two blocks tall, while the stem of the T should be one block wide and four blocks long.

Step 3: Place Wither Skeleton Skulls

Place one wither skeleton skull on each corner of the top of the T. Make sure that they are facing outwards, away from the center of the T.

Step 4: Summon the Wither

Once you have placed all three wither skeleton skulls, stand in the middle of the T and use a flaming arrow to shoot at any one of the skulls. This will cause the wither to spawn in the center of the T.

Step 5: Kill the Wither

Once the wither has spawned, it is time to kill it. The wither is a powerful enemy and can be difficult to defeat without AI. However, there are several strategies that you can use to increase your chances of success.

  • Use a bow and arrow to attack the wither from a distance
  • Use a sword or axe to attack the wither up close
  • Use potions to boost your health, strength, and speed
  • Use a shield to block the wither’s attacks


Summoning a wither without AI can be a challenging task, but it is still possible by following these simple steps. Remember to gather all the necessary materials, create a T-shape using soul sand, place wither skeleton skulls on each corner of the top of the T, summon the wither by shooting a flaming arrow at any one of the skulls, and finally kill the wither using various strategies.