How To Submit On Canvas After Due Date

Canvas, a widely-used online learning platform, is used by students and teachers all over the world. Although, it can be challenging to submit an assignment after its due date. But don’t worry, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to follow in order to successfully submit your assignment on Canvas even after the due date has passed.

Check the Late Submission Policy

Before you attempt to submit your assignment, it’s important to check your course’s late submission policy. Some canvas instructors allow submissions after the due date, while others do not. This policy is often specified in the course syllabus or assignment details page.

Discuss with Your Instructor

If late submissions are not clearly addressed in the course syllabus or assignment details, it’s advisable to discuss your situation with your instructor. Explain your situation briefly and respectfully, and ask for an extension. Most instructors are understanding and willing to provide assistance as long as you communicate with them.

How to Submit Your Assignment Late

If your instructor has allowed for late submissions, you can follow these steps to submit your assignment on Canvas:

Step 1: Navigate to the Assignment

Log in to your Canvas account, and navigate to the specific course. From there, click on the ‘Assignments’ tab on the left sidebar. Locate and click on the assignment you want to submit.

Step 2: Submit Assignment

Click on the ‘Submit Assignment’ button usually located at the top right corner of the assignment page.

Step 3: Upload Your Assignment

Choose the file you want to submit from your computer or cloud storage. Ensure that it is in the correct format as specified by your instructor.

Step 4: Confirm Submission

Click on the ‘Submit Assignment’ button again to confirm your submission. You should see a confirmation message and receive a confirmation email from Canvas.

Important Note:

Keep in mind that upon submitting an assignment late, it may be marked as ‘late’ on your instructor’s end in Canvas. The marking scheme for late assignments might differ from regular submissions, hence affecting your grade.

In conclusion, while Canvas does allow for late submissions given that your instructor has enabled this option, it is always better to aim for submitting assignments before the due date to avoid any potential complications.