How To Story Someone’S Story On Instagram

Instagram stories have become a popular way for people to share moments from their day, express their creativity, and engage with their followers. At times, you might come across a story that you’d love to share with your own followers. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a hilarious meme, or a stunning photograph, sharing someone’s Instagram story is an excellent way to curate content and engage with your audience. Let’s walk through the steps on how to share someone’s story on Instagram.

Pre-requisite: Permission to Share

Before you proceed, remember that you can only share stories from Instagram users who have their setting enabled for their stories to be shared. If the user has opted not to allow their stories to be shared, you won’t be able to repost their content.

Steps to Share Someone’s Story on Instagram

1. View the Story

Firstly, open the Instagram app and go to the story you want to share. If you see a paper airplane icon at the bottom of the screen, this means that the user allows their stories to be shared.

2. Tap the Share Button

Next, tap on the paper airplane icon. This is the ‘Share’ button. Once you tap it, a new menu will pop up with several options.

3. Choose ‘Add Post to Your Story’

From the pop-up menu, select the option that says ‘Add post to your story‘. Tapping on this option will redirect you to the story creation page where you can edit and customize the story before sharing.

4. Edit and Share the Story

You can now add text, stickers, doodles, or whatever else you’d like to the story to make it more personalized. Once you’re satisfied with your edits, tap the ‘Your Story‘ button at the bottom to share the post to your own story.


Sharing someone’s story on Instagram is a great way to engage with your followers, share content that you love, and show support for other Instagram users. However, always make sure to respect the privacy settings of others and only share stories when permitted. Happy sharing!

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