How To Stop Google Sheets From Scrolling

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with Google Sheets scrolling too far or too quickly, you’re not alone. The good news is that there is a way to deal with this issue! This blog post will guide you on how to stop Google Sheets from scrolling.

Freezing Rows and Columns

One of the most effective methods to prevent scrolling in Google Sheets is by using the ‘Freeze’ feature. This feature locks your selected rows or columns in place, preventing them from scrolling up or down or from side to side.

Here is how to go about it:

  • Open your Google Sheets document.
  • Select View from the menu.
  • Hover over ‘Freeze’.
  • Select how many rows or columns you want to freeze.

Using Apps Script

Another method to prevent scrolling in Google Sheets is by using Google Apps Script. You can use Apps Script to write custom functions – similar to macros in Excel – but for Google Sheets.

The following example will illustrate how to use Google Apps Script to stop Google Sheets from scrolling:

      function onOpen() {
        var ui = SpreadsheetApp.getUi();
        ui.createMenu('Custom Menu')
            .addItem('Stop Scrolling', 'stopScrolling')

      function stopScrolling() {
        var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet();

The onOpen() function creates a custom menu item called ‘Stop Scrolling’ when the Google Sheets document is opened. The stopScrolling() function is then called when the ‘Stop Scrolling’ menu item is selected, freezing the first row and column of the current sheet.


In this post, we have explored two methods to stop Google Sheets from scrolling: freezing rows and columns, and using Google Apps Script. By utilizing these techniques, you’ll be able to navigate your Google Sheets documents more efficiently, without the annoyance of unwanted scrolling. Happy spreadsheeting!