How To Stop Gmail Ads

Are you tired of seeing ads every time you check your Gmail? While it is true that these ads are a source of revenue for Google, they can also become quite annoying, especially if they’re not relevant to your interests. Fortunately, there is a way to stop Gmail ads or at least reduce their frequency. Let’s dive into the process.

Understanding Gmail Ads

Before explaining how to stop Gmail ads, it is important to understand why they appear in the first place. To put it simply, Google uses your online activity and data to display ads that might be of interest to you. However, not all ads are based on your online activities. Certain ads might also be randomly displayed.

How to Stop or Limit Gmail Ads

1. Adjust Google Ad Settings

The first method of stopping Gmail ads is by adjusting your Google Ad settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to your Google Account’s Ad Settings page.
  2. Toggle the switch next to ‘Ad Personalization’ to OFF.

By doing this, you can stop Google from personalizing your ads based on your data. However, you will still see ads but they might not be as relevant to your interests.

2. Use an Ad Blocker

An ad blocker can be a more effective solution to stop Gmail ads. There are many ad blockers available online, both free and paid. However, bear in mind that using ad blockers can affect the functionality of certain websites.

3. Upgrade to Gmail’s Paid Version

Gmail’s paid version, known as Gsuite, is another great solution. This version is ad-free but it is not free. Prices start from $6 per user per month.


While there’s no definitive way to completely stop Gmail ads, there are methods to reduce their frequency or make them less intrusive. Remember, these ads are what allows us to use Gmail for free. However, if they become too bothersome, use the methods above to limit their presence in your inbox. Happy emailing!