How To Stop Excel From Rounding

Microsoft Excel is an incredibly versatile spreadsheet tool that allows us to perform a wide range of calculations and data manipulations. However, when dealing with precise calculations, one issue that often arises is rounding. Excel automatically rounds numbers to a certain number of decimal places, which might not always be accurate or desirable. However, there’s no reason to worry, because turning off this automatic rounding is quite simple and straightforward.

Preventing Automatic Rounding in Excel

Excel’s rounding function is not a feature that you can turn on or off. Instead, it’s a result of the number of decimal places you have set for your cell or the number of decimal places your number actually has. The most straightforward and straightforward way to stop Excel from rounding your numbers is to increase the number of decimal places that are being displayed.

Step 1: Select Your Cells

Click on the cell or range of cells that you want to prevent from being rounded. You can select multiple cells by clicking and dragging your mouse or by holding down the Shift key while using your arrow keys.

Step 2: Open the Format Cells Dialog

Right-click on one of the selected cells and click on Format Cells. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + 1 as a shortcut.

Step 3: Customize Decimal Places

In the Format Cells dialog, click on the Number tab. Here, you’ll see a field labeled Decimal Places. Increase this to the desired number. This will force Excel to display your numbers to that many decimal places, effectively preventing it from rounding your numbers. Click OK to save your changes.

Here is the full code to illustrate how it’s done:

    Sub IncreaseDecimal()
        ' Select cells
        ' Open Format Cells dialog
        Selection.NumberFormat = "0.000000"
        ' Increase decimal places
    End Sub

Note: This code increases the decimal places to 6.


In this post, we have explored a simple way to prevent Excel from automatically rounding numbers by increasing the number of decimal places displayed. This method allows for greater precision in your Excel calculations and can be a great help when dealing with fractional numbers in your data set. Remember that Excel is a powerful tool, and understanding its features can greatly enhance your data analysis capabilities.