How To Start Using Wrike

Wrike is a project management tool that helps teams collaborate and stay organized. If you’re new to Wrike, here are some tips on how to get started.

Create an Account

The first step in using Wrike is to create an account. You can do this by visiting the Wrike website and clicking on the “Sign Up” button. From there, you’ll be prompted to enter your email address and a password.

Invite Team Members

Once you have an account, you can start inviting team members to join Wrike. This will allow them to collaborate with you on projects and tasks. To invite someone, simply click on the “Invite” button in the top right corner of your screen.

Create Projects

Now that you have team members, it’s time to start creating projects. In Wrike, a project is a collection of tasks that are related to a specific goal or objective. To create a project, click on the “New” button in the top left corner of your screen and select “Project”.

Create Tasks

Within each project, you can create tasks. A task is a specific action that needs to be completed in order to achieve the project’s goal. To create a task, click on the “New” button in the top left corner of your screen and select “Task”.

Assign Tasks

Once you have created tasks, it’s time to assign them to team members. This will ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and when it needs to be done by. To assign a task, simply click on the task and select the team member you want to assign it to.

Monitor Progress

As your team works on tasks, it’s important to monitor their progress. Wrike makes this easy with its real-time updates and notifications. You can also use the “Dashboard” feature to get a bird’s eye view of all your projects and tasks.


Using Wrike is a great way to stay organized and collaborate with your team. By following these tips, you can start using Wrike in no time. Remember to create an account, invite team members, create projects and tasks, assign tasks, and monitor progress.