How To Spotlight Multiple Speakers In Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform that allows users to connect with others remotely. One of the features that makes Zoom stand out is its ability to spotlight multiple speakers during a meeting or webinar. This can be particularly useful when you have multiple presenters or panelists who need to share their screen or video feed with the audience.

Step 1: Start a Meeting

To begin, start a Zoom meeting as usual. Once you’re in the meeting, click on the “Participants” button at the bottom of your screen to view the list of participants.

Step 2: Select Participants

In the “Participants” panel, hover over the name of the participant you want to spotlight. A menu will appear with several options. Click on the “More” button and then select “Spotlight Video.” This will spotlight that participant’s video feed for everyone in the meeting.

Step 3: Spotlight Multiple Speakers

To spotlight multiple speakers, repeat step 2 for each participant you want to spotlight. You can also spotlight your own video feed by clicking on the “More” button and selecting “Spotlight My Video.” This will make your video feed the only one visible to everyone in the meeting.

Step 4: Unspotlight Participants

To unspotlight a participant, simply click on the “Stop Spotlight” button in the “Participants” panel. This will return their video feed to its normal size and position.


Spotlighting multiple speakers in Zoom is a useful feature that can help keep your meeting or webinar organized and engaging. By following these simple steps, you can easily spotlight multiple participants and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

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