How To Split Test Subject Lines In Aweber

Split testing is a powerful tool for email marketers, allowing them to test different subject lines and see which ones perform best. In this article, we will explain how to split test subject lines in AWeber.

Step 1: Create Two Subject Lines

The first step in split testing subject lines is to create two different subject lines that you want to test. Make sure they are both relevant to the content of your email and appeal to your target audience.

Example Subject Line 1: “New Product Launch – Save 20% Today!”

This subject line is attention-grabbing and highlights a discount, which can be appealing to many people. It also clearly communicates the purpose of the email.

Example Subject Line 2: “Introducing Our Latest Product – Order Now!”

This subject line is more straightforward and focuses on introducing a new product. It may appeal to people who are interested in trying something new.

Step 2: Create Two Emails with the Same Content

Once you have your two subject lines, create two emails with the same content. This will allow you to test the effectiveness of each subject line without any other variables affecting the results.

Example Email 1: “New Product Launch – Save 20% Today!”

This email includes the same content as the second email, but with a different subject line. It highlights the new product and the discount available to customers.

Example Email 2: “Introducing Our Latest Product – Order Now!”

This email includes the same content as the first email, but with a different subject line. It introduces the new product and encourages customers to order it.

Step 3: Split Test Your Subject Lines

Now that you have your two emails with different subject lines, it’s time to split test them. In AWeber, you can do this by creating a new campaign and selecting “Split Test” as the type of campaign.

Example Split Test:

In this example, we have created a split test with two subject lines and two emails. We will send half of our subscribers one email with one subject line, and the other half will receive the other email with the other subject line.

Step 4: Analyze Your Results

After your split test has been sent, it’s time to analyze the results. In AWeber, you can view the results of your split test by clicking on the “Split Test” tab in your campaign report.

Example Split Test Results:

In this example, we can see that Subject Line 1 had a higher open rate than Subject Line 2. This means that more people opened the email with Subject Line 1 than the one with Subject Line 2.


Split testing subject lines is an important part of any email marketing strategy. By creating two different subject lines and split testing them, you can determine which one performs best and adjust your future campaigns accordingly. Remember to always analyze your results and make changes based on what works best for your audience.