How To Sort In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an extremely powerful tool for managing and analyzing data, but it can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started. One of the most basic and useful functions you’ll need to understand is how to sort data. In this guide, we’ll walk through the process step by step.

Sorting a Single Column

To sort a single column, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click on the header of the column you want to sort.
  2. Click on Data in the toolbar.
  3. Select Sort Sheet by column, A → Z or Sort Sheet by column, Z → A depending on whether you want to sort in ascending or descending order.

Your data will now be sorted according to the options you have chosen.

Sorting Multiple Columns

When it comes to sorting multiple columns, the steps are a little bit different. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Highlight the range of cells that you want to sort.
  2. Go to Data → Sort Range.
  3. A window should pop up where you can add the sorting conditions. Click on ‘Add another sort column’ to add more conditions. You can choose the column and define whether it should be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  4. Click ‘Sort’.

Now, your data will be sorted based on the conditions you set.

Using Custom Sort Orders

You can also use custom sort orders in Google Sheets. For example, if you want the days of the week to be sorted from Monday to Sunday instead of alphabetically, you can do so using custom sort orders. Here’s how:

  1. Highlight the cells you want to sort.
  2. Go to Data → Sort Range.
  3. Click on ‘Data has header row’ if your data set has a header row.
  4. Select the column you want to sort by.
  5. Then, instead of choosing A → Z or Z → A, choose ‘Custom Sort Order’.
  6. Enter the custom order you want, separated by commas (e.g., “Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday”).
  7. Click ‘Sort’.

Your data will now be sorted based on the custom order you set.


Sorting data in Google Sheets is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you analyze and understand your data better. Whether you’re sorting a single column, multiple columns, or using a custom sort order, the process is straightforward once you understand the steps. So, don’t shy away from using this feature to make your data manipulation tasks easier and more efficient!