How To Slack Off At Work

Disclaimer: This blog post is solely for entertainment purposes and is not a promotion of unprofessional conduct.


Ever find yourself at work wishing you could somehow manage to slack off without getting caught? Well, here’s a humorous guide that outlines exactly how to do that! Remember, these tips should be taken with a grain of salt and are only for those days when you’re really not feeling it but don’t want to land in hot water with your boss.

Utilize the power of ‘busy’ look

Carry a bunch of files, walk with a purpose, look serious, furrow your brows. In other words, give an impression that you’re preoccupied with something very important. People are less likely to disturb you when you seem busy.

Master the art of ‘alt-tab’

If you’re trying to slack off digitally, the alt-tab combination is your best friend. This handy keyboard shortcut allows you to switch between windows swiftly. For example, you could be playing a game or scrolling through social media, and then swiftly switch to a spreadsheet when your boss walks by.

Alt-Tab Shortcut:

    Alt + Tab

This is the universal shortcut for switching between windows on most computers.

Take advantage of ‘working remotely’

Working from home has its own advantages. As long as you get your work done, no one knows what else you’re up to. Just be sure to respond to emails and messages promptly to maintain the illusion of being actively engaged.

Perfect your ‘I’m thinking’ posture

Look deep in thought by resting your forehead on your hand while staring at your screen. People will assume you’re wrestling with a tricky problem and will be less likely to disturb you.


While this guide is meant to be humorous, it’s important to remember that being professional and hardworking is crucial for career growth. Occasional off days are natural, but regularly slacking off can harm your reputation and work relationships. Always strive to do your best, even on tough days.

After all, maintaining a strong work ethic is far more rewarding than mastering the art of appearing to work. Stay productive!