How To Send Out A Single Email On Aweber

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform that allows you to send out emails to your subscribers. In this article, we will guide you through the process of sending out a single email on AWeber.

Step 1: Log in to Your AWeber Account

To start, log in to your AWeber account using your username and password. Once you are logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can access all the features of AWeber.

Step 2: Create a New Email

To send out a single email on AWeber, you need to create a new email. Click on the “Create” button in the top left corner of the dashboard and select “Email.” This will take you to the email builder where you can create your email.

Step 3: Customize Your Email

In the email builder, you can customize your email by adding a subject line, choosing a template, and adding content. You can also add images, videos, and links to your email. Once you are satisfied with your email, click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

Step 4: Schedule Your Email

After saving your email, you need to schedule it to be sent out. Click on the “Schedule” button in the top right corner of the email builder and select a date and time for your email to be sent out. You can also choose to send your email immediately or at a later time.

Step 5: Review Your Email

Before sending out your email, it’s important to review it to ensure that everything is correct. Click on the “Preview” button in the top right corner of the email builder to preview your email. If everything looks good, click on the “Send” button to send out your email.


Sending out a single email on AWeber is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By following these steps, you can create and send out an effective email campaign that will help you reach your target audience.