How To See What Google Ads Knows About You

Google Ads is an influential advertising service that enables companies to tailor their advertisements to particular groups by focusing on the audience’s interests and activities. Nonetheless, there is widespread worry regarding the extensive data collection by Google through this service. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how you can find out the information Google Ads has on you and how to manage your privacy settings.

Step 1: Access Your Google Account

The first step to seeing what Google Ads knows about you is to access your Google account. You can do this by going to and signing in with your Google credentials.

Step 2: Access Your Ad Settings

Once you are signed in, click on the “Data & Privacy” tab and then select “Ads Settings.” This will take you to a page where you can see all of the information that Google has collected about your interests and behavior.

Step 3: Review Your Interests

On the Ads Settings page, you will see a list of your interests. These are the topics that Google thinks you might be interested in based on your browsing history and other data. You can review this list to see if it accurately reflects your interests or if there are any surprises.

Step 4: Control Your Ad Preferences

If you want to control the types of ads that you see, you can use the “Ad Personalization” section of the Ads Settings page. Here, you can turn off personalized ads or choose which types of ads you would like to see.

Step 5: Delete Your Data

If you want to delete any of the data that Google has collected about you, you can do so by clicking on “Delete Activity” in the Ads Settings page. This will allow you to delete your browsing history and other data that Google has collected.


Google Ads is a powerful tool for businesses, but it can also be a source of concern for individuals who are worried about their privacy. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can take control of your privacy and see what Google Ads knows about you.