How To See More Than 4 In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular video conferencing platform that allows users to connect with others remotely. However, by default, it only displays up to four people at a time during a call. If you want to see more than four people on your screen, there are a few steps you can take.

Step 1: Change Your Device

The first step is to change the device you’re using for the call. Microsoft Teams is designed to work best on larger screens, such as laptops or desktops. If you’re currently using a smaller device like a phone or tablet, try switching to a larger screen to see more people at once.

Step 2: Change Your View

If you’re already using a larger screen, the next step is to change your view. By default, Microsoft Teams displays participants in a grid format. To see more than four people at once, you can switch to the “large gallery” view. This will display up to nine people on your screen at once.

Step 3: Use the Spotlight Feature

If you want to focus on a specific participant during the call, you can use the spotlight feature. This will enlarge that person’s video feed and make them more visible to everyone else on the call. To do this, simply click on the three dots next to their name in the participants list and select “spotlight.”


In conclusion, seeing more than four people on Microsoft Teams is easy with a few simple steps. By changing your device, view, or using the spotlight feature, you can ensure that everyone on the call is visible and engaged.