How To Scroll All The Way Down Instagram

As an Instagram user, you are likely aware that the platform is a continuous stream of pictures, videos, and stories. Whether you are browsing your main feed, viewing a specific account, or exploring the Explore page, it is effortless to lose track of time and get immersed in the world of Instagram. So, what is the method for reaching the end of your feed? Or how can you view the first post on the Instagram profile you are viewing? Read on for a basic tutorial on how to scroll to the very bottom of Instagram.

Method 1: Manual Scrolling

The most common way to get all the way down on an Instagram page is to simply keep scrolling. This method is the most straightforward, but it can be time-consuming, especially if the page you’re on has a lot of content. To manually scroll down, you simply swipe up on your screen if you’re using a mobile device, or use your mouse to scroll down if you’re on a desktop.

Method 2: Using a Web Browser’s Built-in Function

If you’re scrolling through Instagram on a web browser, you can use the browser’s built-in “Scroll To Bottom” function. This function allows you to jump to the bottom of the page with a single click. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Instagram page you want to scroll down.
  2. Right-click on the page and select “Inspect.” This will open the browser’s developer tools.
  3. In the developer tools pane, select the “Console” tab.
  4. Enter the following line of code in the console and press Enter:

This code tells the browser to scroll to the bottom of the page. Note that you may need to repeat this process a few times if the page has a lot of content and loads more content as you scroll down.

Method 3: Using a Browser Extension

If you frequently find yourself needing to scroll all the way down on Instagram or other websites, you might find it helpful to use a browser extension that automates this process. One such extension is Scroll To Bottom for Chrome. This extension adds a button to your browser that, when clicked, will automatically scroll to the bottom of the page.

Remember that when using any type of browser extension, it’s important to read the privacy policy and make sure you’re comfortable with the permissions the extension needs. Also, keep in mind that these extensions only work when you’re browsing Instagram on a desktop, not on the mobile app.


In conclusion, while Instagram doesn’t have a built-in “Scroll To Bottom” function, there are several methods you can use to quickly get to the bottom of an Instagram page. Whether you prefer to manually scroll, use your browser’s built-in functions, or use a browser extension, these methods will save you time and make your Instagram browsing experience more enjoyable.