How To Scale Keyframes In Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful and flexible program that is utilized for generating motion graphics, special effects, and compositing. The keyframe is an essential element in animation production. However, adjusting the scale of keyframes can be a difficult task for many users. In this blog post, we will provide you with instructions on how to scale keyframes in Adobe After Effects.

Understanding Keyframes

Before we delve into the “how”, let’s understand “what”. Keyframes are points of change in an animation. They denote the start and end points of any transition, making them the backbone of any animation in After Effects.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Scale Keyframes

Here are the steps to scale keyframes in Adobe After Effects:

  1. Select the layer of the object you want to animate.
  2. Press the ‘S’ key to bring up the scale options.
  3. Click on the stopwatch icon next to ‘Scale’ to create your first keyframe.
  4. Move the time indicator to the desired point and adjust the scale values to create a new keyframe.

After creating keyframes, you might want to change the speed of the animation or its duration. That’s where scaling comes in. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Firstly, select all the keyframes you want to scale.
  2. Right-click on one of them and select Keyframe Assistant > Time-Remap.
  3. Now you’ll notice that the duration between keyframes represents their timing. Dragging them closer or farther away will speed up or slow down the animation.

Scaling Keyframes with Expressions

Another advanced technique of scaling keyframes in After Effects involves using Expressions. This is particularly helpful when dealing with complex animations and you want to have more control over the keyframes.

To scale keyframes with expressions, you can use a simple script. Here’s an example:

let s = value;
if (time > key(1).time) {
s = [100,100];
else if (time < key(1).time) {
s = [0,0];

In the above script, ‘s’ is the scale value. The script sets the scale to [100,100] if the time is greater than the first keyframe, and to [0,0] if it’s less than the first keyframe.


Scaling keyframes in Adobe After Effects can offer better control over your animations. It allows you to manipulate the speed and timing of your animation without adding extra keyframes. With practice, you’ll be able to create more dynamic and engaging animations with ease.