How To Save Whatsapp Status On Iphone X

WhatsApp, a widely-used instant messaging app, has a ‘Status’ feature similar to ‘Stories’ on Instagram or Snapchat. This feature enables users to share their moments with loved ones. However, there is no direct option to save these statuses on WhatsApp. This blog post is specifically for iPhone X users seeking a solution to save their preferred WhatsApp statuses.

Why Would You Want to Save WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp statuses are automatically removed after 24 hours. If you come across a status that you love, whether it is a motivational quote, a beautiful image, a funny video or a piece of valuable information, you might want to save it for future reference or to share it with others. This is when you wish there was a ‘save’ option.

What You Will Need

  • Your iPhone X
  • A File Manager app such as Documents by Readdle
  • The WhatsApp application

Step-by-Step Guide to Save WhatsApp Status on iPhone X

Step 1: View the Status

Open WhatsApp and view the status you want to save. This is necessary because WhatsApp downloads the statuses that you view and stores them in the phone’s temporary cache.

Step 2: Download and Install Documents by Readdle

Go to the App Store and download the Documents by Readdle app. This app will help you access the phone’s storage and find the WhatsApp Status.

Step 3: Access the WhatsApp Status File

Open the Documents app. At the bottom right corner, tap on the Browser icon. Type /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application in the address bar and hit enter.

Now, you would see a list of folders with random names. These are the system-assigned names for all your apps. You have to find the one for WhatsApp. Unfortunately, as the names are randomly assigned, you would need to check the folders one by one.

    Tap on a folder > Tap on 'Library' > Tap on 'Media'.

If you see a ‘Statuses’ folder, you are in the right place. If not, go back and try the next folder.

Step 4: Save the Status

Once you find the Statuses folder, you can view all the statuses that you have seen in the past 24 hours. Long-press on the status you wish to save and select ‘Copy’.

Head back to the Documents home screen and paste the file in the desired location. Now, you have successfully saved a WhatsApp status on your iPhone X.

Final Words

I hope this guide was helpful to you. Now, you can save all the WhatsApp statuses that you love and enjoy them whenever you want. However, please remember to respect the privacy and rights of other users.