How To Save Canva As Ppt

Designing stunning presentations on Canva is a piece of cake. What about exporting them, though? Today, we’ll be zooming in on how to save your Canva designs as PowerPoint presentations.

Why Save Canva as PPT?

Canva is a haven for creating beautiful and effective presentations. However, the platform is web-based and requires an internet connection to access your creations. On the other hand, PowerPoint is a tool that allows you to view and edit presentations offline, making it a preferred choice for many professionals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Saving Canva as PPT

  1. Open Canva

    First, open the Canva website on your browser and log in to your Canva account. From the dashboard, select the presentation you want to export.

  2. Publish as PowerPoint

    Once your presentation is open, click the ‘Publish’ button found on the top-right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’.

  3. Download

    A pop-up window will appear, depending on the size of the presentation, you may need to wait for a while. When the download is ready, click on ‘Download’ to save the PowerPoint presentation to your device.

Important Notes

Keep in mind that not all elements in Canva presentations are fully editable in PowerPoint. This includes certain animated elements and fonts that may not be available in PowerPoint. However, all elements will be visible when you open the presentation in PowerPoint.

Now that you know how to save a Canva presentation as a PPT file, you can carry your presentation in a USB drive, email it, or present it offline without any worries. Happy designing!