How To Run Google Sheets Script

Google Sheets, being part of Google’s web-based software suite, offers functionality far beyond simple spreadsheets. One of the most powerful tools in Google Sheets is Google Apps Script, a JavaScript-based language that provides easy ways to automate tasks across Google products. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to run a Google Sheets script.

Step 1: Access Script Editor

First and foremost, open your Google Sheets document. Click on Extensions in the tool menu, then select Apps Script.

Step 2: Write Your Script

Once the Apps Script Editor is open, you can start writing your script. Let’s consider a simple script that logs the phrase “Hello, world!”. It would look like this:

    function myFunction() {
        Logger.log('Hello, world!');

Step 3: Save Your Script

After writing your script, click on the floppy disk icon or select File > Save. You can then name your project.

Step 4: Run Your Script

To run your script, simply select Run > Run function > myFunction from the toolbar above the script editor. Here, “myFunction” is the name of your function. After running the script, it may ask for permissions. Just follow the prompts and give the necessary permissions.

Step 5: Check the Logs

To view the output of the Logger.log() function, select View > Logs from the toolbar. You should see your message “Hello, world!” logged in the output.


And there you have it! You now know how to write and run a script in Google Sheets. The example we’ve provided here is a simple one, but remember that Google Apps Script can perform complex tasks as well, including auto-generating emails, managing files in Google Drive, and so much more. Unlock the full potential of Google Sheets by using Google Apps Script!