How To Replace Image In Figma

If you are a designer, you probably have heard of Figma, one of the most powerful UI and UX design application in use today. It’s web-based, collaborative, and user-friendly. One of the critical tasks you may want to accomplish in Figma is replacing an image. Luckily, this process is pretty straightforward, and we’re here to guide you step by step.

Step 1: Open Your Figma Design File

To replace an image, the first step is to open your design file on Figma. If you’ve already logged in to your Figma account, you can see all your drafts and projects.
Just click on the file name you want to open, and it will load into the Figma editor.

Step 2: Select The Image

The second step is to select the image you want to replace. Click on the image in your design, and you will see it outlined with blue, indicating it’s been selected.

Step 3: Replace Image

With your image selected, right click on it to open a context menu. In that menu, select the “Replace Image” option. This will open your computer’s file browser, allowing you to pick the replacement image directly from your system.

Step 4: Choose Your New Image

Browse for the new image you want to use in your design. Once you find it, click on it and then click the ‘Open’ button.

Figma will then replace the old image with the new one you’ve selected while keeping the same dimensions. So, your layout remains intact.


As you can see, replacing an image in Figma is simple and easy. You only need to select the image, right-click on it, and select the option to replace the image. Then, choose the new image from your computer, and Figma will do the rest.