How To Replace Fonts Figma

Learn how to replace fonts in Figma with this step-by-step guide. Figma is a versatile design tool, with a variety of features, such as font replacement, to enhance your design process.

Understanding Fonts in Figma

In Figma, text elements are not just filled with colors, but also with fonts. Fonts play a major role in making a design striking and effective. Figma supports a wide variety of font families, allowing designers to be more creative and precise in their work.

Replacing Fonts in Figma

Replacing fonts in Figma is a straightforward process. This is particularly useful when you want to change the font across an entire project or within certain sections.

Step One: Select the Text

To begin, select the text you wish to change. You can do this by clicking on the text box or by using the Select tool from the toolbar.

Step Two: Navigate to the Text Settings

Then, navigate to the right sidebar where you’ll find the text settings. Here, you’ll see the current font displayed.

Step Three: Choose a New Font

Click on the displayed font to open the font picker. This will display a dropdown list of all available fonts. Scroll through until you find the font you want to use and then click on it to select it.

Replacing Multiple Fonts

If you want to replace all instances of a particular font throughout your design, you can do so by using Figma’s ‘Find and Replace Font’ feature.

Step One: Open the Fonts Dialog Box

Navigate to the top menu and click on Edit > Find and Replace Font.

Step Two: Select the Font to Replace

In the dialog box that appears, select the font you want to replace from the dropdown menu.

Step Three: Select the New Font

Then, select the new font you want to use from the dropdown menu below.

Step Four: Click on Replace

Finally, click on the ‘Replace’ button to apply the changes. All instances of the old font will be converted to your new choice.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, replacing fonts in Figma should be a breeze. Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul of your design or just tweaking certain sections, Figma’s user-friendly interface makes the process quick and simple.