How To Remove Onedrive From My Documents

OneDrive is a storage solution hosted in the cloud, offered by Microsoft. It enables users to store their documents and access them from any location with an internet connection. Nevertheless, for different reasons, some individuals might wish to uninstall OneDrive from their computers. This piece will walk you through the steps necessary to delete OneDrive from your documents.

Step 1: Open File Explorer

To begin, open File Explorer on your Windows computer. You can do this by clicking on the “File Explorer” icon in the taskbar or by pressing the “Windows + E” keys on your keyboard.

Step 2: Navigate to OneDrive Folder

Once you have opened File Explorer, navigate to the OneDrive folder. This is usually located in the “My Documents” folder. You can also search for it by typing “OneDrive” in the search bar.

Step 3: Right-Click on OneDrive Folder

Once you have found the OneDrive folder, right-click on it and select “Properties” from the context menu. This will open a dialog box with various properties of the folder.

Step 4: Uncheck “Always Keep on This Device”

In the Properties dialog box, look for the option “Always Keep on This Device”. If it is checked, uncheck it. This will remove OneDrive from your computer and only keep the files in the cloud.

Step 5: Close File Explorer

Once you have unchecked “Always Keep on This Device”, close File Explorer. You may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.


Removing OneDrive from your documents is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps. By following the above instructions, you can easily remove OneDrive from your computer and free up space on your hard drive.