How To Remove Leading Zeros In Jquery

Leading zeros can sometimes be a nuisance when dealing with numbers in
web applications. They might cause issues with calculations, sorting, or
simply make the displayed value look cluttered. In this blog post, we’ll
show you how to remove leading zeros from a number using jQuery.

Removing Leading Zeros Using a Custom Function

Let’s start by creating a custom jQuery function called
removeLeadingZeros, which will take an integer or a string as an input and return the value without the leading zeros.

Here’s the code snippet for the custom function:

  jQuery.fn.removeLeadingZeros = function (number) {
    return parseInt(number, 10).toString();

The function uses the JavaScript’s parseInt() function to
convert the input into a valid integer and then calls the
toString() method to convert it back into a string. This
process effectively removes any leading zeros from the input number.

Using the Custom Function in Your Code

Now that we have our custom function in place, we can use it to remove
leading zeros from any number or string that we wish. Here’s an example of
how to use the removeLeadingZeros function:

  // Get the number from an input field
  var inputNumber = $("#inputField").val();

  // Remove the leading zeros using our custom function
  var cleanNumber = $.fn.removeLeadingZeros(inputNumber);

  // Display the result in an output field

In the example above, we first grab the value of an input field with the
id inputField. Then, we call the
removeLeadingZeros function using the received value. The
result is stored in the variable cleanNumber.

Finally, we set the value of an output field with the id
outputField to the cleaned number.


In this post, we’ve shown you how to remove leading zeros from a number
using a custom jQuery function. This simple yet useful function can help
you prevent issues with calculations or sorting and improve the overall
user experience of your web applications. Happy coding!