How To Remove I Am Not A Robot From Google Chrome

While surfing the web, it is likely that you have come across the “I am not a robot” checkbox. This feature, also known as “CAPTCHA,” is utilized by websites to verify that you are a human user rather than a bot. While it serves the purpose of protecting against spam and automatic data extraction, it can be a source of frustration for users who encounter it on a daily basis.

Why remove CAPTCHA?

While CAPTCHA serves an useful purpose, it can be quite inconvenient. For instance, it can result in slower browsing experiences, especially when it appears frequently. Therefore, some users might consider removing or bypassing it for a smoother user experience.

Can you remove CAPTCHA?

Technically, it isn’t possible to completely remove the “I am not a robot” CAPTCHA. This is because it’s implemented onto the websites by the site administrators, and is not a setting or feature from Google Chrome.

However, you can reduce the frequency of CAPTCHA prompts or bypass them using automation tools or extensions. Note that the effectiveness of these methods may vary from site to site, and they can sometimes lead to website errors or limited access to certain sites.

How to bypass CAPTCHA

1. Using Automation Tools

One way of bypassing CAPTCHAs is by using automation tools like 2captcha and Anti-Captcha. These tools automatically solve CAPTCHAs for you. However, they are paid services.

2. Using Browser Extensions

Another method is by using browser extensions like Buster or Captcha Solver & Captcha Bypass. These extensions can automatically solve simple CAPTCHAs for you.

To install these extensions, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to the Chrome web store
  3. Search for the extension you want (for example, Buster)
  4. Click on “Add to Chrome”


While CAPTCHA is necessary for preventing malicious bot activity on websites, it can sometimes impede our browsing experience. While we can’t completely remove it, we can use automation tools or browser extensions to bypass it in most cases. However, remember to use these tools responsibly and respect the terms of use of the websites you visit.