How To Recover Instagram Account With Only Username

In today’s digital age, managing multiple social media accounts can sometimes lead to misplaced passwords or forgotten log-in details. If you’re locked out of your Instagram account and only remember your username, don’t fret. This blog will guide you through the steps of retrieving your account using just your username. Please note that having access to the email address or phone number linked to your account can make the process easier.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram Login Page:

Firstly, head over to the Instagram login page. You can do this either through the Instagram app on your mobile device or by visiting the Instagram website on a web browser on your computer.

Step 2: Enter your Username:

Once you’re on the login page, enter your username in the designated field. If you don’t remember your Instagram username, you can use the email address or phone number linked to your account as well.

Step 3: Click on ‘Forgot Password’:

Below the log-in fields, you’ll see a link saying ‘Forgot Password’. Click on this link. This will redirect you to a page where you can reset your password.

Step 4: Follow the Instructions:

After clicking on ‘Forgot Password’, Instagram will prompt you to enter your username, email address, or linked phone number. Since you only remember your username, enter it here, and then click on the ‘Reset Password’ button. You’ll then receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Step 5: Reset your Password:

Once you receive the email from Instagram, open it and click on the link provided. You’ll be directed to a page where you can set a new password. Enter your new password twice as instructed and then hit the ‘Reset Password’ button again. And voilà, your password has been reset, and you should now be able to log into your Instagram account using your username and new password.


Forgetting passwords can be frustrating but the process of retrieving your account need not be. By following these five simple steps, you can recover your Instagram account with just your username. Protect your account by choosing a strong, unique password and consider using a password manager to keep track of your log-in details.