How To Quit In Python

import osare times when you need to exit a program in Python. It could be due to an error, user intervention, or simply the end of the program’s execution. In this blog post, we will discuss a few different ways to quit a Python program effectively and gracefully. Let’s dive in!

1. Using the quit() Function

The quit() function is a simple way to exit a Python program. It raises the SystemExit exception, which causes the program to terminate. To use it, simply call the quit() function in your program:

if user_input == 'exit':

Note that the quit() function is meant to be used in the interactive interpreter, and it is not recommended for use in production code.

2. Using the sys.exit() Function

The sys.exit() function is similar to quit(), but it is more suitable for use in production code. To use it, you need to import the sys module first:

import sys

Then, you can call the sys.exit() function to exit the program:

if user_input == 'exit':

You can also pass an argument to sys.exit(), which will be returned as the exit status of the program. By convention, an exit status of zero indicates successful termination. Non-zero exit statuses indicate an error:

if some_error_occurred:

3. Using the os._exit() Function

The os._exit() function is another way to quit a Python program. Unlike quit() and sys.exit(), it does not raise an exception and exits the program immediately. This can be useful in certain cases, such as when you want to end a child process created using the os.fork() function.

First, import the os module:

import os

Then, call the os._exit() function with an exit status:

if user_input == 'exit':

Note that using os._exit() can be dangerous, as it does not perform any cleanup operations (such as calling finally blocks or closing file descriptors). Therefore, use it with caution and only when necessary.


In this blog post, we covered three different ways to quit a Python program: the quit() function, the sys.exit() function, and the os._exit() function. Each method has its own use case, but in general, it is recommended to use sys.exit() in production code. Remember to handle your exit scenarios gracefully and perform any necessary cleanup operations before exiting your program. Happy coding!