How To Put X Squared In Google Slides

Google Slides offers a diverse selection of tools and features designed to enhance the presentation of data in different formats. One of the useful features it provides is the ability to insert mathematical equations, such as “X squared”, into your slides. This is especially handy for educators, engineers, scientists, or any profession that often deals with equations.

Steps to Insert X Squared in Google Slides

Follow these simple steps to insert an “X squared” symbol in your slide:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation and go to the slide where you want to insert the “X squared” symbol.
  2. Click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the page, then select “Special Characters.”
  3. In the search box of the “Special Characters” dialogue box, type “Superscript 2.”
  4. Click on the symbol that appears to insert it into your slide.
  5. To represent “X squared”, simply type “X” followed by the superscript 2 you just inserted. It should look something like this: X².

And voila! You have successfully inserted an X² symbol into your Google Slides presentation.

Why Use Mathematical Symbols in Google Slides

Communicating complex mathematical concepts and equations in a presentation can be challenging. By utilizing mathematical symbols, such as the “X squared” symbol, you can clarify these concepts and enhance the overall understanding of your audience. It also increases the professional look of your presentation, particularly when dealing with scientific or mathematical content.

Google Slides’ diverse array of features, including the ability to insert special characters, makes it a versatile tool for creating effective, professional presentations that cater to various needs.


Google Slides is more than just a platform for creating visually appealing presentations. It’s a multifaceted tool that allows you to express complex ideas and data in a straightforward and visually engaging manner. Whether you’re a teacher explaining a math concept or a scientist presenting research findings, knowing how to insert mathematical symbols like “X squared” can significantly enhance your communication.