How To Provide Access To Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a robust digital analytics platform that enables thorough examination of visitor behavior on your website. Granting users access to your Google Analytics allows them to view and analyze your website’s traffic. This guide will outline the steps to providing access to Google Analytics for other users.

Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics

The first step to providing access to your Google Analytics is to sign into your Analytics account. Navigate to Google Analytics and sign in using your Google account credentials.

Step 2: Select the Correct Account/Property/View

Once signed in, you will be directed to the Google Analytics dashboard. Here, you need to select the correct Account, Property, or View you want to grant access to.

Step 3: Navigate to User Management

After selecting the correct Account, Property, or View, click on the “Admin” button at the bottom left corner of the page. Then, under the desired column (Account, Property, or View), click on “User Management“.

Step 4: Add New Users

In the User Management menu, click on the “+” button, then select “Add users“. This will open a new window where you can add the email addresses of the users you want to provide access to, and choose the permissions you want them to have.

Step 5: Assign Permissions

Assign the desired permissions to the new users. There are four types of permissions: “Edit“, “Collaborate“, “Read & Analyze“, and “Manage Users“. Make sure to choose the correct permission level depending on the user’s role.

Step 6: Send Invitation

After assigning the correct permissions, click on the “Add” button at the top right corner of the window. An invitation will be sent to the user’s email address. They will have to accept the invitation to gain access to your Google Analytics.


Make sure that the users you are adding have a Google account — this is necessary to access Google Analytics. If they do not have a Google account, they will need to create one.

That’s all! Now you know how to provide access to your Google Analytics. Remember to only give access to people who you trust and who need the data to help you with your website or business.