How To Pronounce The Name Ai

AI can be pronounced variably, depending on its application. Typically, it’s said as either “eye” or “ah-ee”. Yet, when talking about artificial intelligence, the standard pronunciation is “ay-ee”.

Pronunciation of AI in Different Contexts

If you are talking about a person named AI, the pronunciation will depend on their personal preference. Some people may prefer to be called “eye” while others may prefer “ah-ee”. It is always best to ask the person directly how they would like to be addressed.

Pronunciation of AI in Artificial Intelligence

When referring to artificial intelligence, it is commonly pronounced as “ay-ee”. This is because the term “artificial intelligence” is often abbreviated as “AI”, and the pronunciation of the abbreviation has become standardized over time. However, some people may still refer to it as “eye” or “ah-ee” depending on their personal preference.


In conclusion, the pronunciation of AI can vary depending on the context in which it is being used. If you are unsure how to pronounce it, it is always best to ask the person directly or refer to the standard pronunciation for artificial intelligence.