How To Pronounce Ai Japanese

In Japanese, the term “ai” is vocalized as “ah-ee.” This straightforward sound is one that anyone aiming to pick up Japanese can readily acquire. The initial syllable, “ah,” is articulated with the mouth wide open, whereas the second syllable, “ee,” is enunciated with the mouth closed.

Practice Makes Perfect

To master the pronunciation of “ai” in Japanese, it is important to practice regularly. Start by saying the word slowly and gradually increase your speed until you can say it fluently. You can also try practicing with a native speaker or using online resources that provide audio examples.

Common Mistakes

One common mistake that people make when pronouncing “ai” in Japanese is to pronounce the first syllable too strongly. Remember, the first syllable should be pronounced with an open mouth and the second syllable should be pronounced with a closed mouth.


In conclusion, pronouncing “ai” in Japanese is a simple task that can be mastered by anyone who wants to learn Japanese. By practicing regularly and avoiding common mistakes, you can become proficient in pronouncing this important word.