How To Print From Canva For Free

Canva is an incredibly user-friendly graphic design tool that has managed to gain substantial popularity over the years. It offers free templates for various design needs. However, many users often wonder, “How can I print from Canva for free?” Well, the solution is simpler than you might think!

Steps to Print from Canva for Free

Here are the steps to print your wonderful design from Canva without any cost:

1. Create Your Design

Firstly, you need to create your design. Canva offers a plethora of templates that you can use. Once you’ve created your design, click on the “Download” button located at the top right corner of the page.

2. Download the Design

Clicking on the “Download” button will prompt a dropdown menu. Select the file type you want to download (for printing purposes, PDF Print is recommended). After that, click on the “Download” button again.

3. Printing Your Design

Once your design is downloaded, you can print it using any standard printer. Open the downloaded file and click on “Print” in your viewer’s options.

A Few Points to Remember

While printing your design from Canva for free, please remember these points:

  • Ensure that your printer’s settings are properly configured.
  • Always choose high-quality print settings to get the best results.
  • Check your printer’s paper size, and make sure it matches with the size of your Canva design.


Printing your designs from Canva for free is a very straightforward process. The main thing to remember is that although Canva offers some premium features with a cost, printing your design isn’t one of them. You can easily download your design and print it using your own printer. So go ahead and bring your designs to life with Canva!