How To Pin A Card In Trello

If you frequently utilize Trello for organizing your projects, you may often need to access specific cards for particular tasks. This is where pinning a card proves to be useful. So, how exactly do you pin a card in Trello? This manual will guide you through the process, step by step.

Understanding Trello

Before we delve into the process, let’s understand what Trello is. Trello is a web-based, list-making application and is an excellent project management tool. It’s used by individuals and organizations alike to keep track of tasks, projects, and workflows. The primary elements that make up Trello are boards, lists, and cards.

Can You Actually Pin a Card in Trello?

Contrary to popular belief, Trello does not currently have a native feature that allows you to pin cards for direct and easy access. However, there are ways you can prioritize or highlight important cards to achieve a similar result. You can use labels, place the card on top of the list, or utilize the “Star” feature to distinguish it.

How to “Pin” a Card in Trello?

1. Pinning via Labeling

Labeling is a versatile feature in Trello that can be used to visually categorize cards based on your preferences. To pin a card using labels:

- Open the card you want to pin.
- Click the "Labels" button on the right menu.
- Choose an existing label or create a new one (e.g., "Pinned").
- Once done, this label will appear on your card in the board view.

2. Pinning by Positioning at the Top

This method is quite straightforward – if a card is important, place it at the top of the list. This way, it’s the first card you see when you open Trello.

- Click and hold the card you wish to pin.
- Drag it to the top of the list.
- Release your hold, and your card will stay at the top.

3. Pinning via Starring

The “Star” feature is typically used to mark important boards, but with a slight shift in usage, it can also be used to pin cards.

- Create a new board titled "Pinned Cards" or something similar.
- Move the card you want to pin to this board.
- Click on the "Boards" button in the top left corner.
- Find your "Pinned Cards" board and click the star icon.

Remember, these methods are workarounds until Trello introduces a feature to pin cards directly. With these techniques, you can ensure your essential tasks and notes are easily accessible and conveniently highlighted for your Trello workflow.