How To Outline Text In Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular tool for creating dynamic presentations. While it is easy to use, many users struggle with some more advanced features, such as outlining text. In this tutorial, we’ll explore how to outline your text to make it more visually appealing and standout.

Why Should You Outline Text?

Outlining the text helps to highlight important points and makes the slide look more professional. It can also improve readability, especially if the slide background is colorful or complex.

Steps to Outline Text in Google Slides

Unfortunately, Google Slides does not directly provide a feature to outline text. However, you can use a clever workaround using the ‘Word Art’ feature. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Your Google Slides Presentation

First, you need to open the Google Slides presentation where you want to outline the text.

2. Insert Word Art

Click on the “Insert” tab, then choose “Word Art” from the dropdown menu. A text box will appear where you can type the text you want to outline.

3. Transform Word Art into Outlined Text

After typing the text, click on the “Format” tab then choose “Format options”. A sidebar will open on the right side of the screen. In that sidebar, click on the “Text color” tab and choose “Transparent”.

Next, in the same sidebar, scroll down to find the “Border color” tab. Select a color for your outline and adjust the border weight to achieve the desired thickness of the outline.


Adding an outline to your text in Google Slides can make your presentation more impactful. Even though there is no direct way to do it, the workaround using Word Art is simple and effective. Now you can enhance your slides with outlined text!