How To Organize Your Notion


Notion is a powerful tool for organizing your life and work. However, it can be overwhelming at first to figure out how to use it effectively. In this article, we will go over some tips on how to organize your Notion so that you can make the most of it.

Create a Home Page

The first step in organizing your Notion is to create a home page. This will serve as the central hub for all of your content and will help you keep track of everything in one place. You can customize your home page with different sections, such as “Today,” “Upcoming,” and “Archive.”

Use Tags and Categories

One of the most powerful features of Notion is its ability to use tags and categories. By tagging your content with relevant keywords, you can easily find it later when you need it. You can also create custom categories to organize your content by type or topic.

Use Templates

Notion has a wide range of templates available for different types of content, such as meeting notes, project plans, and task lists. By using these templates, you can save time and ensure that your content is organized in a consistent way.

Use the Search Function

Notion’s search function is incredibly powerful and can help you find any piece of content quickly. You can use it to search for specific keywords, tags, or even full text searches. By using the search function regularly, you can keep your Notion organized and easily accessible.

Use the Share Function

Notion’s share function allows you to collaborate with others on your content. You can share specific pages or entire databases with other users, and they can edit and add to your content in real-time. By using the share function, you can keep your team organized and on the same page.


In conclusion, Notion is a powerful tool for organizing your life and work. By following these tips, you can make the most of it and stay organized and productive. Remember to create a home page, use tags and categories, use templates, use the search function, and use the share function to collaborate with others.