How To Organize Notion Pages

Notion is a robust tool for structuring your ideas and thoughts. Nonetheless, it may seem daunting to determine how to begin when generating pages in Notion. In this article, we will explore some suggestions on how to efficiently organize your Notion pages.

Create a Structure

The first step in organizing your Notion pages is to create a structure. This can be done by creating a hierarchy of pages and subpages. Start with the main page that will serve as the hub for all your content. From there, create subpages that are specific to different topics or categories.

Use Tags

Tags are a great way to organize your Notion pages. You can use tags to categorize your pages and make it easier to find them later. For example, if you have a page about cooking recipes, you can tag it with “cooking” or “recipes”.

Use Templates

Notion has a variety of templates that you can use to create pages quickly and easily. These templates are designed to help you organize your content in a way that makes sense for your needs. You can also create your own templates to save time when creating new pages.

Use the Search Bar

Notion’s search bar is a powerful tool for finding pages quickly. You can use it to search for specific keywords or phrases in your content. This makes it easy to find pages that you may have forgotten about or need to reference later.


Organizing your Notion pages is an important step in making the most of this powerful tool. By creating a structure, using tags, using templates, and utilizing the search bar, you can keep your content organized and easily accessible.