How To Open Google Lens

Google Lens is an incredibly powerful tool by Google that allows you to explore the world around you in a new, interactive manner. From identifying unfamiliar objects to scanning QR codes, Google Lens is changing the way we interact with our surroundings. In this post, we’ll guide you on how to open Google Lens on your mobile device.

What’s Google Lens?

Google Lens is an image recognition technology developed by Google, designed to bring up relevant information using visual analysis. When directing the phone’s camera at an object, Google Lens will attempt to identify the object and show relevant search results and information. This technology can identify a wide range of things, including plants, animals, landmarks, and even products.

Steps to Open Google Lens

1. Install the Google App

Google Lens is not a standalone app; it’s integrated within the Google App. If you haven’t installed the Google App on your device, you can download it from Google Play Store for Android users or App Store for iOS users.

2. Opening Google Lens

Once you have installed Google App, follow the steps below to launch Google Lens:

  • Open the Google App.
  • On the search bar, you will see the Google Lens icon on the right. It’s represented by a square with two dots resembling a camera lens.
  • Tap on this icon, and Google Lens will open.

3. Granting Necessary Permissions

To work correctly, Google Lens requires permissions to access your device’s camera and storage. If you’re launching it for the first time, you will be asked to grant these permissions.

4. Using Google Lens

With Google Lens open, aim your device’s camera at the object, text, or barcode you wish to analyze. Once the object is in focus, tap the shutter button. Google Lens will then do its job and provide you with relevant information or actions based on what it sees.


Google Lens is a powerful tool that can make everyday tasks more accessible. Whether you’re trying to find out what plant is growing in your backyard or trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network using a QR code, Google Lens has got you covered. This guide should have provided you with the steps on how to open Google Lens on your device. Start exploring the world in a whole new way!