How To Next Line In Google Sheets

One of the many things that makes Google Sheets so popular is its user-friendly interface and the many features that it offers. Today, we will be focusing on one of these features – how to insert a new line in a cell in Google Sheets.

Why Would You Need a Line Break?

There are several reasons why you might need to insert a line break into a cell. For example, you might want to list multiple items in a single cell, or separate paragraphs within a cell. This can make your data more readable and organized.

How to Insert a Line Break

The process of inserting a new line in a cell in Google Sheets is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Double click the cell where you want to insert a line break to get into edit mode.
  2. Place the cursor at the point where you want to make a new line.
  3. On your keyboard, press Ctrl+Enter on a PC, or Cmd+Enter on a Mac.

That’s it! You’ve successfully inserted a new line in your cell.

Using a Formula to Insert a Line Break

If you want to insert a line break using a formula, here’s how you can do it:

Use the CHAR function to insert a line break. The CHAR function returns a character specified by a number. For a line break, we will use the number 10.

For example, suppose you have the words “Hello” in A1 and “World” in B1, and you want to combine them but on different lines in the same cell, you would use this formula:

= A1 & CHAR(10) & B1

This formula combines A1, a line break, and B1. Note that you would have to enable “wrap text” on the cell to see the line break.

Wrap up

Now you know how to insert a new line in a cell in Google Sheets, both manually and using a formula. This simple yet powerful feature can greatly improve the readability of your data.