How To Merge Deals In Hubspot

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HubSpot CRM is an efficient solution for businesses seeking to effectively manage client relationships. One of its beneficial features is the capability to merge deals, which merges two or more individual deals into a single one. This feature is convenient for handling duplicate deals or consolidating related ones.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to merge deals in HubSpot.

Step 1: Navigate to your Deals

Log into your HubSpot account and click on ‘Sales’ in the main navigation bar. In the dropdown menu, select ‘Deals’. This will take you to your deal dashboard where you’ll be able to see all the deals present in your CRM.

Step 2: Select the Deals to Merge

In your deal dashboard, check the boxes next to the deals that you want to merge. Remember, you can only merge deals owned by the same user. You can select up to 10 deals to merge.

Step 3: Merge the Deals

With your deals selected, go to the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu at the top of your dashboard and select ‘Merge’. A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to merge these deals.

Step 4: Choose Primary Deal

After clicking ‘Merge’, you’ll be asked to select a primary deal. This is the deal that the other deals will be merged into. All the activities, contacts, and data from the secondary deals will be moved to the primary deal. Select the deal that you want to set as the primary and click ‘Next’.

Step 5: Review and Finalize

The last step is to review your changes and confirm the merge. You’ll be given the opportunity to review the details and associated records for the deals you’re merging. When you’re ready, click ‘Merge’ to finalize.

Note: Once the deals are merged, the process cannot be undone. So make sure to review carefully before finalizing the merge.


That’s it! Merging deals in HubSpot is a straightforward process that can be incredibly useful for keeping your deal data clean and organized. Just remember to be cautious when merging, as the process is irreversible. Happy HubSpotting!