How To Merge Contacts In Hubspot

Merging contacts in Hubspot is a straightforward process that allows you to eliminate duplicates and keep your contact information well organized. This guide is going to walk you through the steps required to successfully merge your contacts on this remarkable platform.

Step One: Identify Duplicates

HubSpot’s de-duplication tool makes it easy to find duplicate contacts. Navigate to your Contacts section and click on the Actions button, then select Manage Duplicates. HubSpot will then produce a list of potential duplicate contacts for you to review.

Step Two: Review the Duplicates

Review the potential duplicates to ensure that they are indeed duplicates. Hubspot offers you the possibility to compare the properties of each contact side-by-side. As you review, you have the option to dismiss duplicates if they are not genuine.

Step Three: Merge the Duplicates

To merge duplicate contacts, simply select the Merge option. HubSpot will then consolidate all the interactions, properties, and information of the duplicates into one single contact.

Manual Merge

If you wish to merge contacts manually, this is also possible. Go to your Contacts home screen, select the contacts you want to merge by checking the boxes next to their names, then click on the More dropdown and choose Merge.

Merging contacts in HubSpot is as simple as that. However, it’s important to note that once contacts are merged, the action cannot be undone. So, careful review of duplicates before merging is highly recommended.


Merging contacts in HubSpot is a fantastic way to keep your database well-organized and free of duplicates. With HubSpot’s easy-to-use interface, this process is made quick and simple, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your business, and less on administrative tasks. Happy Merging!