How To Make Trello Attachments

Trello offers a remarkable platform that aids in project management, task tracking, and teamwork. A key aspect of this platform is the option to add attachments to Trello cards. These attachments can range from images to documents to links and other file types, providing valuable resources to enhance your team’s effectiveness. Our blog will guide you through the process of creating Trello attachments.

Step 1: Select the Trello Card

The first thing you’ll need to do is select the Trello card you want to add an attachment to. You can do this by clicking on the card itself.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add Attachment’ Button

Once you’ve opened the card, look for the “Add Attachment” button. This button is located on the right side of the interface, under the “Add to Card” section. Clicking on this button will open a dropdown menu with several options.

Step 3: Choose the Source of the Attachment

You can add attachments to your Trello card from a variety of sources. These include:

  • Computer: This allows you to upload files directly from your computer.
  • Trello: You can attach cards, boards, comments, and checklists from Trello itself.
  • Google Drive: This option lets you attach files from your Google Drive account.
  • Dropbox: This option lets you attach files from your Dropbox account.
  • Box: This option lets you attach files from your Box account.
  • OneDrive: This option lets you attach files from your OneDrive account.
  • URL: This lets you attach a link as an attachment.

Step 4: Select the Attachment

Once you’ve chosen your source, you can then select the file, link, or Trello element you wish to attach. Click on “Open” or “Attach” (depending on the source) to attach your file to the Trello card.

Step 5: Make Necessary Adjustments

Once you’ve attached your file, you can then make any necessary adjustments. For instance, you can change the attachment’s cover image, download the attachment, or remove it.

Code Snippet

If you are looking to create attachments in Trello programmatically, you can utilize the Trello API. Here’s a simple code snippet in Python using the py-trello library:

from trello import TrelloClient

client = TrelloClient(

# Assuming 'my_board' is the board where the card is located
my_board = client.get_board('board_id')

# Assuming 'my_list' is the list where the card is located
my_list = my_board.get_list('list_id')

# Assuming 'my_card' is the card you want to attach a file to
my_card = my_list.get_card('card_id')

# Attach a file
with open('path_to_your_file', 'rb') as file:
    my_card.attach(file, mimeType='file_mime_type')

This script will attach a file to your chosen Trello card. Remember to replace ‘your_api_key’, ‘your_api_secret’, ‘your_oauth_token’, ‘your_oauth_token_secret’, ‘board_id’, ‘list_id’, ‘card_id’, and ‘path_to_your_file’ with your actual values.

Wrap Up

Attaching files to your Trello cards can significantly enhance your project management efforts. With attachments, you can have all your project-related files in one place, making it easier for everyone on the team to stay in the loop. Whether you’re adding attachments manually or programmatically, the process is simple and straightforward. Happy project managing!