How To Make Slack Channel Private

As businesses increasingly turn to digital communication platforms like Slack to foster team collaboration, privacy becomes a significant concern. Ensuring that sensitive information remains within the team is crucial. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to make your Slack channel private.

Why Make Your Slack Channel Private?

A private channel in Slack can only be viewed or joined by invitation from channel members. This restriction is perfect for conversations that should remain confidential among a specific group or team, keeping your sensitive communication safe and secure.

Steps to Make Slack Channel Private

Converting a public channel to private isn’t directly possible. Hence, we will present a workaround by creating a new private channel and migrating the necessary information.

Here are the steps:

1. Create a New Private Channel

Click on the + sign next to Channels in your Slack sidebar. Select “Create a channel”.

Switch the visibility to “Private” and fill out the necessary details like Channel Name and Description. Click on the “Create” button.

2. Invite Team Members

Once the private channel is created, invite your team members. Click on the “Add people” button and select or type the names of the people you want to add.

3. Transfer Necessary Information

If there’s important information in the old public channel that you want to keep, you can either manually copy it into the new private channel or use Slack’s pinning feature to pin messages and files from the public channel and then unpin and repin them in the private channel.

4. Archive the Old Public Channel

To prevent further use of the old public channel, consider archiving it. To archive a channel, go to the channel, click on the “gear icon” (Channel Settings), and select “Archive this channel”.

Wrap Up

While Slack doesn’t currently allow a direct conversion of public channels to private, this workaround ensures you can keep your team’s communication confidential. Remember that once a channel is made private, it cannot be reverted back to public. So, decide wisely based on your team’s requirements.