How To Make Qr Code Canva

Incorporating QR codes into your designs is made simple with the use of Canva. These codes are a powerful way to promote your business and share links or information. This post will provide step-by-step instructions on creating a QR Code using Canva.

Creating a QR Code on Canva

Here are the steps to create a QR Code Canva:

  1. Open your Canva account and choose a design type. It can be a poster, flyer, or any other format that fits your needs.
  2. Click on “Elements” on the left side of Canva. Then click on the “See all” button in the “Lines & Shapes” section.
  3. In the search bar that appears, type “QR Code“, then press Enter.
  4. Click on the QR Code element that appears in the results. A QR code will be generated and placed on your design.
  5. Click on the QR Code and then click on the pencil icon to edit it. You can put in the URL, text, or numbers that you want the QR Code to contain.

Customizing your QR Code

After creating your QR Code, you might want to personalize it to match your design or brand. Here are some tips:

  • You can change the color of the QR Code. Click on the QR Code, then click on the color tile in the top left corner and choose the color you prefer.
  • Resize the QR Code. Just click on the QR Code and drag the corners to resize it. Remember to maintain the proportions to ensure it works correctly.
  • Don’t forget to add some instruction text near the QR Code. It’s important to tell people what they’ll get when they scan it.


Creating a QR Code on Canva is as easy as that. It’s a fun and creative way to share information with your audience. Plus, you can customize it to match your design or brand, making it an integral part of your marketing strategy. Happy designing!