How To Make Linux Mint Look Like Mac

If you’re a fan of the elegant and sleek interface of MacOS but the practicality and freedom of Linux Mint, this blog post is for you. We are going to guide you on how to make your Linux Mint look like a Mac operating system. This tutorial will cover everything from the installation of the theme, icons, and even the dock. Let’s get started!

Changing the Theme

One of the characteristics that differentiates Mac from Linux is the theme. To get the Mac look, we first need to install a macOS theme. One of the best MacOS themes for Linux is McMojave. Here’s how to install it:

  1. Open the Terminal. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.
  2. Run the following command to add the necessary repository:

          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes
          sudo apt-get update

  3. Next, install the McMojave theme with this command:

          sudo apt-get install mojave-gtk-theme

Changing the Icons

Now, let’s install the macOS icon theme. La Capitaine is an icon pack designed to integrate with most desktop environments. The icons are inspired by Apple’s macOS. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, download the icon theme from here.
  2. Extract the zip file in the ~/.icons directory. If it doesn’t exist, create it.

Installing the Dock

Lastly, to get the full Mac feel, we need to install a dock. Plank is a great choice for this:

  1. In the Terminal, type:

          sudo apt-get install plank

  2. Once installed, open Plank, then right-click on the dock and select Preferences.
  3. Here you can change the theme and position of the dock accordingly.

Once you’ve done all these steps, you should have a Linux Mint desktop that closely resembles MacOS. Enjoy your new, sleek operating system!