How To Make Jira In Progress

Managing tasks is an integral aspect of project development. This is where Jira proves to be helpful. Jira, a product from Atlassian specifically designed for tracking issues, enables monitoring and addressing any software-related bugs. It functions as an effective system for reporting, keeping track of progress and organizing workflow. A common point of confusion for new users is how to designate a task as ‘In Progress’. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide for setting a task to ‘In Progress’ in Jira.

Step 1: Open the Dashboard

After signing in to your Jira account, you will land on the Dashboard page. This page provides an overview of all your projects and tasks.

Step 2: Select Your Project

Click on ‘Projects’ in the navigation bar and select the project that contains the task you want to make ‘In Progress’.

Step 3: Open Your Task

Click on ‘Issues’ in the project menu, then select ‘Issue List’. Find and open the task that you want to update.

Step 4: Update the Task Status

On the task page, you should see the ‘Status’ on the right side, which is likely set to ‘To Do’. Click on the ‘Transition’ or ‘Workflow’ button (it varies depending on your Jira version). A set of new statuses will appear, select ‘In Progress’.

Click on 'Transition' or 'Workflow' > Select 'In Progress'

Your task should now be in the ‘In Progress’ state. This change will be visible to all members of your team.


Jira is a feature-rich platform that can streamline your project management process. Understanding how to make a task ‘In Progress’ is a fundamental part of using Jira. Remember, the ‘In Progress’ status is typically used to mark tasks that are currently being worked on. Use it to effectively communicate your current focus to your team.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, feel free to reach out to Atlassian’s support or explore their comprehensive documentation. Happy task managing!