How To Make Interactive Games On Google Slides

Google Slides is not just a platform to create presentations; it’s also a space where you can develop interactive games for engaging and interactive learning. With a few tweaks and the addition of a few elements, you can turn your simple slides into an exciting game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create interactive games on Google Slides.

1. Planning your game

The first step in creating your interactive game is planning out the structure. Think about what type of game you want to create. It could be a quiz, a choose-your-own-adventure, or even a board game. Once you have your concept, sketch out how you want the game to flow from one slide to another.

2. Creating your slides

Next, you’ll want to create your slides. Remember, each slide represents a stage or level in your game. When designing your slides, make use of the various shapes, texts, and images available in Google Slides. Make sure to keep the design consistent and engaging.

3. Adding hyperlinks

The key to making your Google Slides game interactive is through the use of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks can take your players to the next level, back to the beginning, or even to a different game. To add a hyperlink, select the object or text you want to add a link to, right-click, and select Insert Link.

    // Creating a hyperlink
    Right-click -> Insert Link -> Slide reference or external URL

Then, type in the slide number you want the player to go to when they click on the object or text. You can also link to external URLs for additional information.

4. Adding interactivity

Aside from hyperlinks, you can also add interactivity by embedding videos or adding animations. Videos can be embedded directly into your slides and can be used to provide instructions or additional game elements.

    // Inserting a video
    Insert -> Video -> Search or Paste URL

Animations, on the other hand, can make your game more engaging. You can animate text, images, and other elements to make them appear, disappear, or move across the slide.

    // Adding an animation
    Select element -> Format Options -> Animate

5. Testing your game

Finally, before sharing your game with others, make sure to test it. Click through each hyperlink and play through each level to ensure that the game functions as planned.


Creating an interactive game on Google Slides can be a fun and engaging way to learn and teach others. With creativity and a bit of time, you can transform a simple presentation platform into a gaming platform. Have fun creating and playing!