How To Make Image Transparent Google Slides

Google Slides is a popular tool for creating presentations. One of the features that makes this tool especially user-friendly is the ability to adjust image transparency. This feature allows users to blend images into the background, creating a sleek and professional look for their presentations. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps on how to make an image transparent in Google Slides.

Step 1: Insert an Image

To start, you will first need to insert an image into your Google Slides presentation. Navigate to the menu bar at the top and click on Insert > Image. From here, you can choose to upload an image from your computer or search the web for an image. Once you have selected an image, it will appear on your slide.

Step 2: Adjust Image Transparency

Now that you have an image on your slide, you can adjust its transparency. Select the image by clicking on it and then navigate to the menu bar. Click on Format Options. A new sidebar should appear on the right side of your screen.

In this sidebar, you will see a variety of options for adjusting your image. Look for the Adjustments section. Here, you will see a slider for Transparency. By moving this slider to the right, you can increase the transparency of your image. You can adjust this until you are satisfied with the look of your image.

It’s important to note that the more you increase the transparency, the more the image will blend into the background. So, if you want your image to stand out, you may want to keep the transparency level low.

Step 3: Save Your Changes

Once you are happy with the transparency level of your image, make sure to save your changes. To do this, simply click anywhere outside of the image. Your changes will automatically be saved and your image will now appear transparent on your slide.


Being able to adjust image transparency in Google Slides is a handy feature. Not only does it allow you to customize your presentations to suit your style, but it also helps to keep your slides looking clean and professional. With this easy guide, you can start using this feature to take your presentations to the next level.