How To Make Google Slides Interactive On Smartboard

Interacting with Your Google Slidesay we present and interact with educational content in classrooms and boardrooms. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard, when used in conjunction with Google Slides, offers an enhanced, engaging experience. This blog post will teach you how to make your Google Slides interactive on a Smartboard.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following:

  1. A SMART Board interactive whiteboard installed and connected to your computer.
  2. A Google account to access Google Slides.
  3. Google Chrome installed on your computer as it offers the best compatibility with Google Slides and the SMART Board.

Setting Up Your Google Slides

Firstly, create your Google Slides presentation. Add interactive elements, such as hyperlinks, videos, or animations. These elements will become interactive on the SmartBoard. To add a hyperlink, highlight the text you want to link, right-click, and select Link. Then, enter the URL of the webpage you want to link to.

Connecting Google Slides to Your SmartBoard

Once you’re done designing your Slides, it’s time to present them on a SmartBoard. Open Chrome, navigate to your Google Slides presentation, and make sure your computer is connected to your SmartBoard.

Now, click on the Present button on the upper right of your Google Slides interface. Your presentation will now display in full-screen mode on your SmartBoard.

Interacting with Your Google Slides on Your SmartBoard

With the presentation open, you can now interact with it using either your finger or the SmartBoard pen. Tap or click on the interactive elements in your slides like hyperlinks or videos to activate them.

Setting Up Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Add an extra layer of interactivity by integrating quizzes or polls into your presentations. Google Slides does not have a built-in polling or quiz feature, but you can use third-party platforms like Slido or Poll Everywhere. These platforms offer a Google Slides add-on that you can install and use directly from your Slides.


SmartBoard and Google Slides integration is a powerful tool that can make your presentations more interactive and engaging, whether in a classroom or corporate setting. By leveraging hyperlinks, videos, animations, and third-party interactive tools, you can deliver a more dynamic and effective presentation.