How To Make Drake Ai Songs

Drake is a renowned rapper known for his numerous chart-topping tracks. Yet, were you aware that there are now AI-produced renditions of his music accessible? In this article, we will investigate the methods and tools for creating your own AI-generated Drake songs.

Step 1: Choose an AI Music Generator

The first step in creating a Drake AI song is to choose an AI music generator. There are several options available, including OpenAI’s Jukebox and Google’s Magenta Studio. These tools use machine learning algorithms to generate music that sounds like it was created by a human composer.

Step 2: Select a Style

Once you have chosen an AI music generator, the next step is to select a style for your Drake AI song. Many of these tools allow you to choose from a variety of genres and styles, including hip-hop, pop, and electronic music. You can also adjust settings such as tempo, key, and instrumentation to create a unique sound.

Step 3: Input Lyrics

After selecting a style, the next step is to input lyrics for your Drake AI song. You can either write your own lyrics or use existing lyrics from one of Drake’s songs. Once you have entered the lyrics, the AI music generator will use them to create a melody and instrumentation that matches the style you selected.

Step 4: Edit and Refine

Once your Drake AI song has been generated, you can edit and refine it using various tools and techniques. For example, you can adjust the volume of individual instruments, add effects such as reverb or delay, and even change the tempo or key to create a unique sound.


In conclusion, creating a Drake AI song is a fun and creative way to explore the possibilities of AI music generation. By choosing an AI music generator, selecting a style, inputting lyrics, and editing and refining your creation, you can create a unique and personalized version of one of Drake’s hit songs.