How To Make Background Transparent In Google Slides

In the world of presentations, Google Slides is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of features to make your slides stand out. One such feature is the ability to make the background of your slides transparent. A transparent background can give your slides a sleek, professional look and allows any images or text on your slides to stand out more. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of making your slide background transparent in Google Slides.

Steps to Make Background Transparent in Google Slides

Here’s how to make your Google Slides background transparent:

Step 1: Open your Google Slides presentation

Open Google Slides and select the presentation that you want to modify. Once the presentation is open, click on the slide where you want to make the background transparent.

Step 2: Click on ‘Background’

Click on the ‘Background’ button that is located at the top of the page. This will open a dialog box.

Step 3: Change background color

In the dialog box, click on the ‘Color’ button. You will see a wide palette of colors. Unfortunately, Google Slides does not provide a direct option to make the background transparent. However, you can use a workaround by choosing a color that matches the color of the object that will be placed on the slide.

Step 4: Upload an image with a transparent background

If you want to use an image with a transparent background, click on the ‘Image’ button in the Background dialog box. You can then upload an image from your computer, search the web for an image, or use an image from your Google Drive. If the image has a transparent background, it will appear transparent on your slide.

Step 5: Click ‘Done’

Once you have made the changes, click the ‘Done’ button to save your changes. You will be taken back to your slide, where you will see the new transparent background.


Remember, Google Slides does not currently allow a completely transparent background. As such, this method only makes it seem as though the background is transparent by matching the background color to the color of the object on your slide or by using an image with a transparent background.


Although Google Slides does not support fully transparent backgrounds, with these steps, you can achieve a similar effect. By creatively using colors and images with transparent backgrounds, you can create stunning presentations that will leave your audience impressed.