How To Make An Image Background Transparent On Google Slides

When crafting presentations on Google Slides, you may find that the perfect image for your slide has a pesky background that you just can’t seem to get rid of. Well, worry not! In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of making an image background transparent in Google Slides. So let’s dive in!

Step 1: Upload Your Image

Before we can make an image background transparent, we first need an image to work with. To upload an image onto your Google Slide, navigate to the top menu and select Insert > Image > Upload from computer. From there, you can browse your computer’s files to select the image you want to use.

Step 2: Recolor the Image Background

After your image is uploaded and placed on the slide, click on the image to select it, then go to the toolbar at the top and click on the Format options button. This button will open a sidebar on the right side of your screen with various options for editing your image. Select the Recolor option under the Adjustments section.

Now, scroll down to the Transparent option in the recolor dropdown menu and click on it. This will make all white parts of your image transparent. But what if your image doesn’t have a white background?

Step 3: Using Third-Party Tools

If your image does not have a white background or if you want to make a specific part of your image transparent, you will need the help of an external tool. There are plenty of free online tools like, ClippingMagic, or PhotoScissors that can help you remove the background from your image.

To use these tools, simply upload your image to the platform and it will automatically remove the background. If needed, you can also manually select which parts of the image you want to keep or remove. Once your image background is removed, you can download the image and upload it to your Google Slides as described in step 1.


Making an image background transparent on Google Slides is a simple task with the right tools and steps. Now that you know how to do it, you can create more professional and visually pleasing presentations. Happy designing!